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Untying Parent Anxiety (Ages 5-8): 18 Myths That Have You in Knots—And How to Get Free

It’s out!!! Untying Parent Anxiety (Ages 5-8): 18 Myths That Have You in Knots—And How to Get Free, my first book with Familius Publishing, is in bookstores everywhere!

Designed to be like a walking stick and give parents a little extra stability and support as they travel through the most challenging stages of raising kids, Untying Parent Anxiety reminds us that our kids aren’t supposed to be perfect. (And neither are we.) They’re going to screw up, make mistakes, and lose their way. And as soon as we embrace the idea that parenthood is not a straight line, we unlock everyone’s full potential. Through tips and strategies straight from deep in the trenches, Untying Parent Anxiety reinforces that parenthood is a beautiful, imperfect work in progress and the best job any of us will ever have.

LIFE: It Is What It Is

Looking for a quick, easy, relatable, thought-provoking, funny, inspiring read? Good, cause I’ve got one for you. My debut book, LIFE: It Is What It Is, is exactly what you’re looking for. And just to give it a little street cred, it spent three weeks on the Boston Globe Local Bestseller List, so it’s legit.

In a nutshell, LIFE: It Is What It Is is a collection of my syndicated opinion columns from 2009-2013. Each chapter (and there are about fifty of them) is one of my It Is What It Is humor columns. And each column is basically a random stream of consciousness about all the stuff that I go through as a mom and a wife and a friend and all the other people that I am. The stuff I deal with at work… the stuff that inspires me and scares me… and the stuff that totally freaks me out. Some columns are about family, some are about relationships, some are about kids. You get the idea. Oh, and since each chapter is a stand-alone vignette, they’re quick, easy to digest, and good for you, like brown rice. 

And regardless of what I might be talking about in any given chapter, all my writing is infused with the idea that attitude is everything—that we can’t control everything that’s happening around us, but we can absolutely control how we react to it.

So stop reading this and go buy LIFE: It Is What It Is. Like, now. Go.

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