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“Sugarman is a professional, accomplished writer, and her easy-to-read essays should prove smoothly satisfying to general readers. Appealing, embracing essays about everyday life.”

Kirkus Reviews

“LIFE: It Is What It Is by Lisa Sugarman is hands down one of the realist and funniest and well-crafted books that I’ve read in a long time! I was literally laughing from the opening sentence, and found myself chuckling more than I have with any other book of recent memory. I absolutely loved the author’s writing style and her ‘voice’ – we feel like our smarter, funnier BFF is talking to us, and I didn’t want to stop reading. Really hope she writes more like this in the future. Loved it!”

– (5 stars)Anabella Johnson

“Wow, this book, LIFE: It Is What It Is by Lisa Sugarman captured my attention from the beginning, pulled me in, and never once let go. Each entry was interesting, engaging, and flowed smoothly from one to the next… never a “dull one”. The author is so down to earth and humble, and funny… great outlook that is a refreshing change from the negativity that can easily consume us. I’m REALLY glad I decided to read this book (finished in one night!) and I hope others do too… I can’t imagine anyone NOT liking it!!”

– (5 stars) Essie Harmon

“Fun, real, honest, fast-paced, and well-written, LIFE: It Is What It Is was an unexpected delight for me. I meant to read just a few chapters the other day, but found myself not putting down my Kindle until nearly 80% in. I really enjoy how Ms. Sugarman writes and manages to make even the most mundane situation sparkle with humor or relevance… it is easy to zip through without being bogged down by heavy stuff, but that doesn’t mean it’s shallow or fluffy, not by a long shot. It is lighthearted, yes, but there is real substance here and lessons to be learned.” 

–(5 stars) Laura Clarke

“At first I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into reading LIFE: It Is What It Is because I tend to lean towards long, epic novels that I can really lose myself in.  But I was intrigued by the opening and the way that I felt an almost immediate connection to the author… like we were instantly friends and she’s sharing her experiences with me in a way that makes me just want to sit and listen for as long as she wants to talk. May have even had a few epiphanies along the way as well. So true to life and authentic, yet unlike anything I’ve read before.”

– (5 stars) Kaylee Stevens

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