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It’s Time to Cut Ourselves Some Slack

By Lisa Sugarman Ok, in the balls-to-the-wall world we live in, where most of us feel like we can’t move fast enough to get it all done, it’s time we take a pause and cut ourselves some real slack. Like actual, real slack. Because most of us tend to focus on...

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A Pep Talk for the Fall

By Lisa Sugarman Summer’s over. There, I said it. And while I know it stings to hear the truth, you needed to hear it for your own good. Because you won’t be able to move forward into the next season unless you reconcile that this one’s over. Plus, if you’re anything...

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In Search of More Time in The Day…

By Lisa Sugarman We all know that time is quite possibly the world’s most elusive and sought-after commodity. It’s that one thing we all desperately want more of, no matter who we are or what kind of a lifestyle we lead. Whether our days are filled with a stressful,...

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An Appeal To My More-Or-Less-Adult Daughters

Dear Girls, I want you to think back. Waaaaay back. Back to a time when you lived, very cozily (albeit slightly contorted), in my belly… Even though I know you don’t really remember this particular time in our lives, I remember it vividly. (Maybe a little too vividly....

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In The End, Love Is All You Need

By Lisa Sugarman I want to talk about something that you’re probably not going to want to talk about. But life doesn’t always go the way we want, so I need you to be flexible. Because what I wanna talk about right now is death. Yeah, I know, not what you were...

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Sometimes Kids Get a Bad Rap Just Because They’re Kids

Kids do stupid sh*t. They just do. They’re notorious for it. Most of the time, though, they make bad decisions because their brains just aren’t mature enough to know better. I know, I’ve been that kid. And I’ve done plenty of stupid sh*t that my now-adult brain...

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