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When Our Youngest Starts Looking At Colleges…

By Lisa Sugarman It was just a minute ago that Riley was a junior in high school and we started looking at colleges over her April vacation. (Or at least that’s how it feels in my head.) The reality is, she’s going to be a junior in college in the fall and we’re about...

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Parents, it’s ok that we need to escape sometimes. Really.

By Lisa Sugarman Parenting… it’s the end-all-be-all job. Period. The only employment contract we’ll ever have where we’re on the clock from the minute we take on the job, til our very last breath on earth. It’s a lifetime commitment in the absolute truest sense. Which...

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The Blessing of Grandparents

By Lisa Sugarman With the exception of losing my dad when I was ten years old, I’ve really always felt like I had a charmed childhood. And while I know that it probably seems odd to say, in spite of such a big loss, it’s actually the truth. Ironically, the way I feel...

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Why So Many Moms Suffer From Dinnerphobia

By Lisa Sugarman The time is usually around four-forty-five in the afternoon, in cities and towns all across the country, when, almost like clockwork, there’s a universal shift in consciousness that happens in the psyche of mothers in kitchens everywhere. It usually...

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The Kid We See VS The Kid The Rest Of The World Sees

By Lisa Sugarman It really is true what they say, that as parents, we often never get to see who our kids truly are because they’re always so damn different around us than they are with other people. And even though they shouldn’t be different, they still are. It’s...

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Why It’s So Easy To Watch Someone Else’s Kid Melt Down

By Lisa Sugarman Every so often, I use these few inches of white space to make a confession. Sometimes, the confessions are unexpected. Sometimes not. Sometimes they’re a little unorthodox. And sometimes they’re meant to be nothing more than funny. With this one,...

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