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How to access gratitude all year long

By Lisa Sugarman It’s been exactly one week since Thanksgiving. You know, that special day when most of us can easily access all our feelings of thankfulness and gratitude. That day, or few days, when we’re usually surrounded by those who we love the most, doing all...

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My name is Lisa and I’m a busyaholic

By Lisa Sugarman I’m a big fan of being productive. Always have been. That rush of dopamine that floods my brain when I look back over a busy and productive day, I mean, that’s some good #%!$ right there. Being able to check off dozens of meaningful tasks over the...

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A Letter to Every College Freshman on Finding Your People

By Lisa Sugarman Dear College Freshman, I see you. Even though you’re sure no one does right now, I see you. I know you’re feeling pretty invisible walking around your still-brand-new campus and your new dorm and sitting in your new classes, like no one even knows...

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Sometimes we just need to get away

By Lisa Sugarman I think it’s fair to say that, from time to time, we all reach a point when we hit our limit being around people and technology and the general every-day hustle of life. That point when we just want to ignore our inbox and our notifications and every...

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Six Steps for Finding the Perfect Mom Friend

By Lisa Sugarman Friendship… we all crave it, we all need it, and we all benefit from it, no matter who we are or where we are in our lives. That’s because, at our basic core, people need people for love and support and guidance and companionship. And nobody craves...

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