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Find A Tribe Who Shares Your Vibe with SocialMama

By Lisa Sugarman We all need people. It’s just a basic fact of life. We all need to feel connected, in some meaningful way, with the people around us. But in my opinion, no one needs that connection more than a mom. Because being a mom in today’s world is tricky...

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When the Nest is Almost Empty

By Lisa Sugarman So just as a clarifier, I’m a super-emotional person on a good day. Like, I’m the type who sees a cute Huggies ad or a commercial for assisted living and instantaneously loses control over my tear ducts. And God forbid I hit any kind of milestone with...

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Staying Fit Is Tricky Business The Older We Get

By Lisa Sugarman Let me be the first to say that staying fit can be tricky business. (Or at least let me be the first to say it today). Cause lemme tell you, keeping ourselves healthy and maintaining things like muscle mass and good cardio and flexibility and strength...

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The Gift of a Mom

By Lisa Sugarman As Mother’s Day approaches every year, I tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on my own mom and our relationship more than I do anything else. I mean, I obviously love and honor that I’m a mom myself and have been for almost twenty-one years, but to...

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When We Lose A Dog

By Lisa Sugarman (CAUTION: Emotional content.) It’s 5:30 in the morning and I’m just getting up. And with Dave away on business, my first thought is the same first thought I’ve had for the last twelve years whenever he’s gone, The dog needs to go out. So, I sit up,...

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