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The Older I Get The Less I Need

By Lisa Sugarman Here’s the reality of my life: The older I get, the less I realize I want (and, more importantly, need). And I really mean that. See, we live in a culture that teaches us that working hard is a means to getting more stuff. And in some cases, for some...

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Nope, I’m Not Ready For An Empty Nest

By Lisa Sugarman It’s a strange phenomenon how milestones hit us. Stuff like decade birthdays and babies being born and marriage and kids leaving for college can all whack us in the back of the head in very random and unexpected ways. Kind of like how it’s hitting me...

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When You Or Your Kids Are Sick, JUST STAY THE $#@! HOME

By Lisa Sugarman Okay, it’s the middle of winter now, so it should come as no big surprise to you or anyone else that people everywhere are sick. As dogs. I mean, there’s snot and phlegm and bacteria floating around everywhere, lurking on every surface and inside...

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I’m Good With Being A Hardo, In Spite Of What My Kids Say

By Lisa Sugarman So in my family, I kind of have a reputation for going above and beyond when I do stuff. Whether it’s working out or snow blowing the driveway or doing chores around the house, I just like to give maximum effort with whatever I’m doing. Always have....

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I’m A Neat Freak And Damn Proud Of It!

By Lisa Sugarman Read enough of the stuff I write, and you’ll learn that I’m a lot of different things. I’m a wife, a mom, a lover of people and a huge fan of hugging, positivity, and tiny houses. But what you might not know from all these one-dimensional facts, is...

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I Think I’m an Introvert… And I Kinda Like it

By Lisa Sugarman Let me start by saying this, I love people. For reals, I do. (Most of them anyway.) Actually, if you know me well, then you hear that come out of my mouth a good chunk of the time. And even though I sometimes say it with a certain, shall we say, tone,...

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