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A Simple ‘Hello’ Can Be A Game-Changer

By Lisa Sugarman How many times have you been the stranger in the room, feeling vulnerable and isolated and self-conscious? You know, the one standing in the corner, trying desperately to hide behind your glass of seltzer water. Probably a lot over the course of your...

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And Just Like That, College Is Half Over

By Lisa Sugarman She’s home. She’s finally home. After eight months, a crap ton of care packages, and more daily reminders than I care to admit to check her bank account balance, our oldest daughter is back under our roof. And that means one beautiful and long-awaited...

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When Your College Kid Finally Reaches Back

By Lisa Sugarman College. It’s out there. Looming. A big, fat, scary uncharted world. A world with soooo many unknowns. As many for us as for our kids. The biggest unknown, though, has got be whether or not we’re ever gonna hear from our kids again once they leave for...

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When Our Youngest Starts Looking At Colleges…

By Lisa Sugarman It was just a minute ago that Riley was a junior in high school and we started looking at colleges over her April vacation. (Or at least that’s how it feels in my head.) The reality is, she’s going to be a junior in college in the fall and we’re about...

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Parents, it’s ok that we need to escape sometimes. Really.

By Lisa Sugarman Parenting… it’s the end-all-be-all job. Period. The only employment contract we’ll ever have where we’re on the clock from the minute we take on the job, til our very last breath on earth. It’s a lifetime commitment in the absolute truest sense. Which...

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