The Vomit Booth — NOW OPEN!

Where do you go when life gets crazy and you just need someone to turn to?

When your kids are literally tearing each other apart. When your husband, who’s lived in the same house with you for over a decade, still asks where we keep the spare rolls of tape. When your wife “accidentally” spends $450 at Trader Joe’s. When your dog throws up on the dining room floor just as you’re running out the door to school pick up. When you just can’t force your skinny jeans over your thighs the way you could last week. When your boss just promoted the chatty college grad with the perky boobs who sits in the cubicle next to you, even though you’ve been there ten times longer and you can do the job in your sleep. When you just can’t handle another one of your kids slamming a door in your face or rolling their eyes or pretending they don’t know you in public.

I’m your new best friend who’ll happily hold your hair back.

You go to The Vomit Booth, that’s where. And I become your new best friend who’ll happily hold your hair back while you puke it all up. It’s a place to bond with other people who get it, a place to vent, and a place to safely purge yourself of all the crap that weighs you down every day without losing any vital nutrients. It’s a place where you can see, firsthand, that everyone around you is living their own private version of the same insanity every single day. Just under a different roof.

The Vomit Booth can be your new home away from home, so that when you are home, you’re not wound like a top ready to kill someone. So come every day… come once a week… come when you just need to let it all out to someone who’s going through the same stuff you are. Just come and vomit it all up. You’ll feel a helluva lot better after, I promise.


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