In the Flesh

Touch Me, See Me, Hear Me.

Wanna get up close and personal? Well you can. Beyond just writing about stuff, I also do Book Signings, Book Clubs, and Author Talks. Take a peek below to see what those are all about. I also juggle, so we can incorporate that into any event.

Book Signings

In case you were wondering, I’m available in more than just a flat, one-dimensional way. I do these cool things all the time called Book Signings, where you get to personally watch me sign my actual name on an actual book that I wrote. It’s riveting. We can even hug it out, if you want.

Book Clubs

I also speak at book clubs, like all the time. Cause as much as I love to write, I like talking even more. (And you get a big discount on my books when I’m your speaker.)

Author Talks

Oh, and I also do Author Talks, like when I talk to a room full of people about what it’s like to write a newspaper column or to publish books. (You can hug me then, too, but it costs extra.)

Want more Lisa?

Contact me to talk about any of these things and even things I haven’t thought of yet.

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